Conservative Investing In Notes Secured by Real Estate

If you’re looking for an investment to build wealth and maintain a conservative, low risk approach to investing, there is no other investment that compares to investing in notes secured by real estate. In this real estate market, many real estate investors are starting to look at note investments as a new opportunity to earn above market returns as the price of real estate continues to stabilize. There are many similarities between investing in real estate and investing in real estate notes, including evaluating the collateral, and working with title, escrow and insurance companies, all work performed by Note Buyers of America. The underlying collateral value of a note investment secures the position of the investor without the headaches of owning the property.

From The President:

I’d like to take just a moment to thank you for your interest in becoming part of our Investment Team. We are always interested in adding conservative knowledgeable investors to our network with a passion for secure investments with a solid rate of return.

– Clayton W. Davis
Note Buyers of America