It’s Never Been Easier to Raise Cash!

Since 1997, Note Buyers of America has been a direct buyer of Private Mortgage Notes, Promissory Notes, Real Estate Lien Notes, Land Contracts and Trust Deeds. From Rhode Island to Hawaii, we have the expertise and knowledge to purchase your note in a timely fashion and provide you with a variety of attractive cash out options. If you are currently receiving monthly payments on a Real Estate Note but would prefer to have a large lump sum of cash, CALL NOW AT (800) 467-2943!


Their offer was actually a little lower than another company I was working with but they seemed much more knowledgeable and professional so I went with them. I had never sold a note before and it took a little longer to get the commercial appraisal than they thought it would but I received exactly what they promised so I’m happy with the overall experience.

Simon - Charleston, SC

Wonderful people to deal with, they were very professional compared to other note buying companies that I spoke with. Also they honored their quote even though the appraisal was less than the sale price.

Carolyn - San Diego, CA

We inherited a mobile home note from my mother and there were all types of problems with the estate settlement and the title on the mobile home. Adrienne was great and she never gave up despite all the problems. I’m not sure anyone else would have been so patient.

Paula - Canyon Lake, TX

From the beginning of this process I never doubted it would close. Although there were a few minor setbacks, in the end they pulled everything together and both parties walked away pleased. I will add that your professionalism during this time was exceptional. I want to thank you for all that you accomplished and if the opportunity where to arise in the future of doing business I would gladly do so.

Emily P. - Dallas, TX

They (Note Buyers of America) are sincere and my experience with them was favorable. I believe they conduct good business with integrity and will complete the transaction the way they say it will be completed

Anonymous - Yreka, CA

These guys made the process ridiculously easy. Being an independent Real Estate Investor and having gone through the mental gymnastics required by banks I was not quite sure what to expect from Note Buyers. I was more than pleasantly surprised, the folks are good people. I always prefer doing business with folks who are friendly, approachable and responsive. No hesitation from me in endorsing this business whole wholeheartedly.

John Hughmanick


The note industry is a very small niche industry that consists of few true investors but many brokers. Take caution on who you chose to purchase your note, as you may think you’re working with an investor, when in fact you’re working with a broker. To get the best price, you want to work directly with an experienced professional investor.

At Note Buyers of America, it’s our company policy to provide you with our best offer up front on every note submitted for bid. Unfortunately, based on our experience, we realize that from time to time a competitor may outbid us and here’s how we address that situation. If you receive a higher bid for your note from another company, have them email you their quote for validation. Forward that email to and we will not only match the offer, but we’ll also pay you an additional $500.00, to show our appreciation for giving us a second chance opportunity.


At Note Buyers of America, we operate our business by a fundamental principle, the Golden Rule. Easy to remember, hard to forget, and it creates a work environment where employees strive to serve our clients, as they themselves want to be served. This approach was set in motion by our Founder and Owner, Sandra Rogers. Unfortunately, Sandy passed away in a tragic plane crash in 2006. Many of Sandy’s closest friends said that she was a compassionate, caring and loving human being whose love for God’s creation and humanity carried over into her business practices. As President of Note Buyers of America, it’s my ultimate desire to continue her legacy and maintain an honorable business with a reputation for which the Lord and Sandy would be proud. 

– Clayton W. Davis- President