If you have a question about selling a note and cannot find the answer on this page, please call or email your question to us and we will get you an answer.

Q: Will selling my note have any negative effects on the note payer?

A: No, when you sell your contract or note to Note Buyers of America, we assume the legal position you currently hold. In doing so, we are required to abide by all the original terms of the contract.

Q. How much cash will I receive?

A:Each real estate note is carefully reviewed to determine its maximum cash value. Some important factors that determine the cash value of your note include: interest rate, amortization terms, property type, buyer credit and buyer equity. We evaluate each note for the best buyout option available at the time and hopefully the one that will best meet your individual needs.

Q. How soon can I get my money?

A:Our goal is for the entire process to last no longer than 21 business days. However, if there are any issues or unexpected problems that arise while performing our due diligence, more than likely the process will take longer. 

Q. Is it possible to get my money sooner?

A:Yes, generally the process takes 21 business days. However, we have closed transactions very quickly due to extenuating circumstances. We suggest if time is of the essence you call and speak directly with a consultant.

Q. What are the benefits to selling my Real Estate Note?

  • A:
    • You don't have to worry about the possibility of delinquent insurance or property tax payments.
    • You no longer need to worry about receiving payments on time or worry about whether your purchaser will continue to even make their payments, especially if you have an underlying lien or need the payments to live on.
    • You will receive a large lump sum of cash today to accomplish personal needs or life goals.
    • If your buyer is paying on time but allowing the property to deteriorate you’ll rid yourself of the concern that you might end up with the property and a large renovation expense.

Q. Are there any additional benefits to me?

A:Yes. In our current business climate as the government continues to print money to pay its bills, when you consider the impact inflation could have on the value of your note over its life, a lump sum of cash today can be expected to be worth far more than small payments, severely devalued by inflation, in the future.

Q. What types of property do you purchase?

A:We have purchased notes secured by many types of personal and private property: single-family homes, multi-family homes, farmland, commercial, recreational, vacant land, and mobile homes with land attached. If you have a unique property that you have owner financed and you are interested in selling the note, contact us by phone or email with a description of the property and we will determine if we can make the purchase. 

Q. If I’m not certain I want to sell my note, how can I find out how much it is worth?

A:There is no charge to evaluate the cash value of your note, it is a free service we provide. Simply submit the note information through our online quote system or contact one of our knowledgeable consultations by phone with the information about the note and we will provide you with an appraised cash value as well as present several purchase options you may not have been aware were available, there is no obligation to sell your note.

What are the costs associated with selling my note?

A:We pay all costs associate with the purchase of the note. Our cash offer is a net amount to you. In other words, the cash quote is your "walking away cash".

Q. I am in the process of creating a note, what is a fair interest rate and term for my buyer?

A:The answer to these questions and other helpful guidelines for creating a note can be found at our CREATE A NOTE page. I recommend you read the entire page to help you in your endeavor.

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