“They (Note Buyers of America) are sincere and my experience with them was favorable. I believe they conduct good business with integrity and will complete the transaction the way they say it will be completed.”

Anonymous - Yreka, CA

“We inherited a mobile home note from my mother and there were all types of problems with the estate settlement and the title on the mobile home. Adrienne was great and she never gave up despite all the problems. I’m not sure anyone else would have been so patient.”

Paula - Canyon Lake, TX

“Wonderful people to deal with, they were very professional compared to other note buying companies that I spoke with. Also they honored their quote even though the appraisal was less than the sale price.”

Carolyn - San Diego, CA

“Their offer was actually a little lower than another company I was working with but they seemed much more knowledgeable and professional so I went with them. I had never sold a note before and it took a little longer to get the commercial appraisal than they thought it would but I received exactly what they promised so I’m happy with the overall experience.”

Simon - Charleston, SC

“From the beginning of this process I never doubted it would close. Although there were a few minor setbacks, in the end they pulled everything together and both parties walked away pleased.  I will add that your professionalism during this time was exceptional. I want to thank you for all that you accomplished and if the opportunity where to arise in the future of doing business I would gladly do so.”

Emily P. - Dallas, TX

These guys made the process ridiculously easy. Being an independent Real Estate Investor and having gone through the mental gymnastics required by banks I was not quite sure what to expect from Note Buyers. I was more than pleasantly surprised, the folks are good people. I always prefer doing business with folks who are friendly, approachable and responsive. No hesitation from me in endorsing this business whole wholeheartedly.

John Hughmanick

Note Buyers of America not only gave us a fair amount for our note, but just as important, they gave us confidence that they had everything under control throughout the process by continually updating us and quickly returning calls and emails when we had questions. Clayton is gifted at serving his clients and putting their needs first. I did make calls to other parties when I was looking to sell my note and what I found was that I was either not comfortable with the manner it which I found the other companies dealing with me and/or they were very much low balling me on what the note was worth. Do yourself a favor, give Note Buyers of America your business and you will be treated VERY well and receive a fair value for your note. I give them 5 STARS and highly recommend Note Buyers of America to anyone looking to sell their note.

Scott Lofgren

My experience with Note Buyers of America was amazing!!! After shopping my note around and being let down by unreasonable requirements and inflexible terms, I was afraid I had exhausted my options to sell my note. However, I believe God blessed me to find Note Buyers of America to help me and my family receive money from our Land Contract in a time of disparity. Before I spent time signing documents, Clayton was straight forward with us about pricing and what to expect. Our deal went as promised. No strings attached, or “gotcha” techniques, or moments. Clayton and his team were very thorough, insightful, and kind through the whole process. We will definitely be using Note Buyers of America in future deals, and encourage everyone else to do the same.

God bless!!

Hank Wilson