Owner Financing – Part III

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If you didn’t secure a large down payment you certainly don’t want to go in the hole any further by offering to pay their rent on top of the payments you’ll never collect. However you need to get them out of the house as soon as possible because if they are not making payments odds are that they are not taking very good care of your investment. And more than likely this isn’t their first rodeo, they’ve probably been forced to move out before so they know eventually they’re going to have to move and that may be your solution. Consider paying for their move to a nearby apartment. Everybody – even deadbeat payers hate to move but they’ve got to leave the place spotless as part of the deal. There are some very inexpensive moving alternatives, recently off of Craigslist I hired a couple of Firemen that have a moving business on the side – they were professional and inexpensive.  (to be continued)